SEO Secrets Sold Here

by Brad Hanks on October 10, 2010

Not really.  We’re giving them away.

Did you know that you can do more for your web presence with your social media activities than you can by hiring an SEO (search engine optimization) specialist to increase your search engine ranking?

That’s right.  Your Facebook profile, YouTube channel, blog posts and tweets will do more to elevate your ranking on the search engines than employing a consultant to massage your keywords and meta tags on your website.  And those social network activities will work faster to move you up the Google food chain than any tweaking that a web developer will do for your site.

Consider this: Google indexes Twitter updates every 15 minutes.  Facebook updates show up in Google searches within hours of posting.  And new blog posts are crawled and weighted more favorably than standard web pages.  All of this means that if you want to control your space on the web, you need to be updating, tweeting and blogging regularly.

As a comparison, look at the time-line for an average website change.  Let’s say you want to insert a new paragraph on your site promoting your recent CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) certification, and you don’t have access to the back-end of your site to make the changes yourself:

  1. CDPE certification awarded (Tuesday)
  2. Press release received from CDPE (Wednesday)
  3. Press release forwarded on to web developer (Wednesday)
  4. Conference call or email-a-palooza with web developer for proper placement of press release (Thursday)
  5. Nothing on the site (Friday)
  6. Still nothing on the site (Saturday)
  7. Again, nothing on the site (Sunday) – Hey, it’s the weekend
  8. Are you kidding me? Nothing on the site (Monday)
  9. Rough draft of press release as it looks on the site (Tuesday)
  10. Minor changes of press release for web site (Wednesday)
  11. STILL nothing on the site (Thursday) – Your web developer is at a conference
  12. What? It’s still not there?!? (Friday) – Didn’t your web developer tell you it was a two day conference?
  13. Fuhgetaboutit (Saturday and Sunday) – Another weekend (see #7)
  14. Starting to pull your hair out because your site has not been updated yet (Monday) – Everyone’s swamped Mondays
  15. The change has finally been made (Tuesday) – Wait, there’s a typo!
  16. Go back to step #10 (Wednesday) – Rinse and repeat

That’s fifteen (15) days waiting for new information to be added to your website.*

Stop leaving your web destiny in the hands of someone else and take control.  Use social media as your SEO secret weapon.

*Individual results may vary. But likely not by much.

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