NAR Convention: Anaheim

by Brad Hanks on November 15, 2011

Hard to believe another year has gone by. And what a year to remember (forget?) – 2011.

Foreclosures and short sales still on the rise. Property values continuing to decline nationwide. Mortgage requirements and appraisal guidelines that make it more difficult for the average American home buyer to qualify for a loan. And consumer confidence levels in the basement.

Yet there was an air of optimism at this year’s National Association of REALTORS convention in Anaheim. Even though the attendance numbers didn’t stack up to past year’s numbers, the atmosphere seemed charged with attendees looking for a brighter future in the real estate industry in the year ahead. It wasn’t “irrational exuberance.” It was “cautious optimism.”

And while it’s difficult to make assumptions based on a trade show that attracts less than 2% of our membership, it does provide an opportunity to ask the question, “Is 2012 going to be a good year for real estate?”

What do you think?

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