Establishing a Web Presence

by Brad Hanks on October 1, 2010

We’ve been talking about the importance of web marketing for years.

But the reality is, most agents and companies do a woefully inadequate job at establishing themselves on the Internet. The vast majority buy a domain and prop up a web site with little thought given to how they’re going to promote themselves. “We’ve got a website!” they proclaim, and promptly go about their business with very little commitment to update the site, optimize it for search results, drive traffic to the site, or convert prospects to customers using their website.

That has to change if we’re going to be competitive in today’s changing world. Consumers are looking on the Internet for companies they can do business with. Over 90% of real estate buyers start their search for a home on the Internet. And once they find a company (or agent) on the web, they want information. They want to see all the properties that are available in your market, mortgage information and tips for buying.

So if you’re not analyzing your web traffic, conversion rates and engagement from consumers on your website, I’d recommend you get doing it quickly. A web presence isn’t what you need in this business climate. What you need is an effective web presence.

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