Social Media/Networking

Swing a Dead Cat…

Social media. You hear about it everywhere: cocktail parties, television, articles in the newspaper and magazines, conferences, interviews on the radio. In his latest book “Social Media is a Cocktail Party,” author Jim Tobin notes that “You can’t swing a dead cat at a marketing conference without hitting someone who is, at that very moment, uttering either the phrase “social media” or the buzzword “Web 2.0.”

But what is social media, and what does it mean to my business?

Social Media Used in Business

That’s where we come in. Brad Hanks Seminars is focused on helping businesses and individuals understand what social media is all about and recognize how these tools can help make your business more successful in a challenging market. We provide speaking, training and consultation on using the tools of the Web 2.0 tool box, showing you how to use these tools effectively to enhance your CRM and stay competitive.

Whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or any number of social networking sites, we can help you maximize your social network presence. We’ll show you how to attract consumers to connect with you, and incorporate these networking sites into a powerful social media marketing strategy.

Need help in setting up a WordPress blog, developing content or monetizing your blog traffic? What about incorporating podcasts and video blogging into your online presence? How about increasing your web footprint? We have the expertise and experience to show you how.

Overview Lecture Courses

Course Name Course Description
Introduction to Social Networking ————

An overview course designed to familiarize the student with a variety of social networks.  Primary focus is on the most popular and widely used  social networks among real estate professionals (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ActiveRain and Ecademy).  Illustrates examples of use of these sites for business, and provides best practices for real estate sales and marketing. 3 hours.  Approved for c.e. in CO and WA.

Expose Yourself to Social Media ————

A fun and informative overview of the world of Web 2.0 – micro-blogs, social networks, blogs, syndication sites and a host of tools that increase the interaction and engagement with today’s consumers.  The perfect starter course for those new to the social media space, this session is constantly evolving, staying current with new sites, tools and practices. 3 hours. Approved for c.e. in CO, SD and WA.

Turning Social Media Into $$ ————

Many real estate professionals have been using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for some time, but haven’t had success in driving business from these sites.  This course focuses on how successful REALTORS are using these powerful tools in their practice, and offers tips in time management, web marketing and lead conversion.  3 hours.  Approved for c.e. in GA and WA.

Monitoring and Managing Your Online Reputation ————

Consumers are now rating products and services on sites like Yelp and Wisper, and there are literally millions of opinions about companies and individuals being posted each month.  Do you know what’s being said about you or your company?  This session explores a variety of tools that can help you establish listening posts out on the social web, and shows you what to do if you receive negative feedback or experience a “social media mishap.”

Topical Lecture Courses

Course Name Course Description
YouTube? You Should! ————

Most people have used YouTube as consumers, viewing videos through links and posts from their friends.  Find out how you can benefit from the world’s largest video showcase as a producer, even if you don’t shoot video yourself.  Learn the secrets of video content that will drive traffic to your YouTube channel, and understand how video is more powerful than text entries in achieving a higher search ranking.

Twitter. Why? ————

Twitter is much more than a social network to announce your day’s activities or share your menu selection.  This micro-blogging site has the ability to become your secret marketing weapon, giving you the opportunity to go viral with your message like never before.

Blogging for Dollars ————

Discover the power of blogging in your business in this fast-paced session that illustrates how some of today’s top real estate professionals are making money with this tool.  Explore free blogging sites and platforms that make blogging easy, fun and effective.

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Hands-On Social Media Boot Camp

Course Name Course Description
Facebook Basic Training ————

This 3 hour hands-on course allows the participant to learn how to navigate, manage and structure their own Facebook profile for maximum effect.  Learn how to create fan pages and groups, build your fan base, post relevant content and create viral marketing using a Facebook marketing strategy.  Requires a wireless laptop and Facebook account. 3 hours. Approved in AL, IA, SD and WA.

LinkedIn Basic Training ————

LinkedIn can be one of the most effective tools in your social media arsenal if you know how to put it to use.  In this 3 hour hands-on workshop you’ll be working to make your profile more impactful using the art of storytelling, and we’ll identify connections to target and connect with your network.  Learn some of the secrets most LinkedIn users don’t know, and discover the most effective methods for developing prospects, leads and business. Requires a wireless laptop and LinkedIn account. 3 hours. Approved in AL, IA, SD and WA.

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